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About Us

The very first Instore Dental practice was opened by Dr Lance Knight in Sale, Manchester, in 2008. The ultimate aim of the Instore Dental concept is to bring dentistry to the masses and offer treatment that is both accessible and affordable to the general public.

Our commitment to the patient is unparalleled within our industry. We offer the highest quality of treatment and patient care at the best possible prices and unprecedented clinical hours that start early and close late.

Instore Dental in Sale rapidly proved to be a hit and we have since been able to replicate that success elsewhere - opening a further five practices across the UK in Heaton Park, Denton, Bolton, Merton and Slough. Our plan is to grow even further.

With the fantastic results that Instore Dental has delivered and the enthusiasm of our patients across our practice locations, the objective is to eventually reach all areas of the UK via continued positioning within supermarkets in order to maximise the impact that our professional, convenient and affordable service can offer you - our patient.