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Looking to improve your smile?

All treatments available in every 'Instore Dental' practice.

At Instore Dental, we specialise in cosmetic dentistry. If you are interested in finding a way to improve your smile, you can find the best possible advice on the treatments that are best for you from any of our six practices.

If you are looking to make an aesthetic enhancement to your teeth, please read further on this page to read some of the most frequently asked questions we receive in relation to cosmetic dentistry, and the recommendations we have made in each case. We hope that the information provided is helpful and that it is of assistance to you in identifying your ideal treatment.

Please keep in mind that for any cosmetic treatment at Instore Dental, you will require an initial consultation in order for your suitability for a procedure to be assessed. In order to book a consultation, please register your interest in an appointment via this website, or visit a practice page to contact us directly.

Q: I am not experiencing any problems with my teeth or gums, and during my recent check-up with the dentist I was told my oral health is in good condition. Despite this, I am not entirely happy with the way my teeth look. Is there anything I can do?

A: There are a range of treatments that may be right for you, depending on what you would like to improve about your smile aesthetically. These treatments are referred to as cosmetic dental treatments, and there are a variety of options within the category which have been designed to meeting the numerous different cosmetic requirements that our patients come to us with.

If you have good oral health, this is a very positive thing and will provide you with a much greater likelihood of being assessed as a clinically viable candidate for cosmetic dental treatment.

Q: I want my teeth to be straighter. Are there any treatments you can offer that may be suitable for me?

A: There are a number of treatments on our range that could be regarded as suitable to correct the problem of crooked or 'bunched-up' teeth. Six Month Smiles is a treatment that each of our six practices are qualified to offer, and one which can produce excellent results within an average treatment period of just six months. This is a treatment which is designed to be adaptable in order to compliment the busy lifestyles of many of our patients. Veneers may also represent a suitable option for the patient, and your dentist will recommend these if they feel they would represent a suitable option.

Q: I have a tooth (or teeth) that are missing and am looking for a cosmetically-friendly option in order to replace it. What would you recommend?

A: Dental implants are a popular form of treatment and one which offers superb results both practically and cosmetically. The treatment involves a permanent implant being professionally fitted into the gums, which, if given proper care thereafter, should prove a reliable long-term replacement for you original tooth or teeth.

Q: I am unhappy with the colour of my teeth. Is there anything I can do?

A: Teeth whitening is a common option for those who are looking to add a little extra sparkle to their smile. This form of treatment can only be offered in a home whitening variation - a plan which is devised and overseen by your qualified Instore Dental clinician. Laser treatments or 'power' whitening procedures are no longer authorised by the General Dental Council.

In certain situations, your dentist may recommend veneers if they feel they would also be a suitable correction option for an additional cosmetic problem. Veneers are sometimes used to rectify the discolouration of teeth.

Q: I think I would like braces. Is there anything you can do to help me?

A: Instore Dental highly recommends the Six Month Smiles treatment. This is a form of orthodontic treatment which incorporates the best from the traditional braces treatments and utilises them within a concept which is both cosmetically friendly and convenient for the patient. Contact any of the six Instore Dental practices to book your consultation.