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Mouth Cancer

Q: Is mouth cancer a common illness?

A: Mouth cancer, though not considered one of the more prominent forms of cancer, has seen the number of cases in the United Kingdom rise in recent years, and so it is vital that Instore Dental and our patients take a proactive approach to the prevention of the illness.

Q: What parts of the mouth are affected by mouth cancer?

A: Mouth cancer is known to affect the throat the cheeks, the tongue, and the lips.

Q: What are the common causes of mouth cancer?

A: The factors which are considered to be most commonly responsible for the onset of mouth cancer are drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco, and smoking. There are also studies which have shown that people who suffer from the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) virus are more susceptible to potentially developing mouth cancer.

Q: Is there any way I will be able to know if I have mouth cancer?

A: Mouth cancer may sometimes show itself by appearing as a red area, sore, or ulcer in the mouth. What makes an entity like this cancerous is that it will not heal in the way you would normally expect, and so if you notice the emergence of a sore or ulcer which does not heal within three weeks of appearing, be sure to consult an Instore Dental dentist who will offer you an appointment for an assesment.

Q: Is a dentist able to identify mouth cancer?

A: If your dentist suspects the presence of mouth cancer, they have the authority to refer your case on to the appropriate medical authority. The early identification of mouth cancer is vital for a patient to have the best chance of being cured. Especially considering that more cases of mouth cancer are found in people who rarely visit the dentist, it is imperative that you take care of your oral health and always attend your dental appointments on the recommended basis in order to protect yourself from mouth cancer.