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White Fillings

All treatments available in every 'Instore Dental' practice.

Q: For what reason would a patient need to have a filling?

A: As a result of tooth decay, cavities can appear in teeth which require a filling in order to protect the tooth. Your dentist will be able to ascertain whether you require a filling during your examination, and will make the appropriate recommendation based on this.

Q: I don't want my filling to be obvious or noticeable. Can you help?

A: White fillings are designed to blend with the natural colour of the teeth so that they are discreet and do not stand out. Whereas in the past some fillings were visible inside the mouth, the white filling gives patients the opportunity to receive the treatment without it outwardly appearing in the long-term to have been done.

Q: I have heard that white fillings are not as good as silver ones, and do not last as long. Is this true?

A: Whereas this previously may have been accurate, the properties of white fillings today are much similar to those of the silver fillings, and in most cases will therefore provide a very similar result. The long-term performance of your filling can vary depending on a number of factors, so the best course of action is to discuss with your dentist what you can expect from this type of treatment should you require it.